Truth be told, I’ve done way too many projects in my six years of uni to give each one a separate page. I have explained the most interesting ones on separate pages, and I’ll use this one to list some remarkable other ones:

  • I've done several projects on software design & Engineering. Mostly Object-Oriented, but we were introduced to some other programming paradigms as well. These projects covered a wide range of topics: requirements analysis, class design, system architecture design, but also some programming on embedded systems, network programming, database systems, and some distributed systems practica.
  • In addition to my computer vision experience gained at Agfa, I did a school project on this topic using python and the python opencv bindings. The goal was to extract the incisor teeth from an x-ray.
  • The engineering faculty in Leuven places a lot of focus on project coordination and problem solving skills. Consequently I had several units called "problem solving projects" in my undergraduate. In these units, we were put into groups and presented with engineering problems of different scale. We were supposed to find solutions to our problems, but also supervise our own projects. These provided me with experience in scheduling, coordination and problem solving.

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