At the NCCA, they believe all disciplines should learn how to work with each other. Hence, in the second semester of my year at BU, we had to do a group project with people from the other master courses at the NCCA. I worked as an effects, render and pipeline TD in the group Liquid Flux. Other members of the group were Anna Samuel, Derik Gokstorp, Stuart MacBean and Eugenia Peruzzo.

You can watch our result right here:

I did a bunch of the effects for this: hair sim, cloth sim (for the wingflaps) and all of the water (but not the whitewater, which is more of a volume). I was responsible for shading and rendering those effects as well. My job was done completely in Houdini. On top of those things, I also did some pipeline-like stuff so the other had an easier time. I’m really proud of what we accomplished in only seven weeks: we have a nice looking result while we chose arguably the most challenging project. Below you can see a little breakdown of shot 1 I made, showing some of the layers of what I did:

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