This page has an overview of some of the projects I have worked on. This list is not exhaustive; I am bound to NDA’s for a lot of my professional projects.


Project code

The projects below all have code associated with them. By default, I don’t make my code publicly available, with code for research projects being the main exception.

Personal sandbox

I have a personal “sandbox” repository that I use to prototype toy examples of things I read or learn about, both regarding new technologies or new algorithms. The sandbox repo itself is not publicly available. It is however hosted on gitlab, which comes with a bunch of awesome stuff, including a free CI and wiki. The CI of my sandbox is set up to run every night and update a public webpage.

Research code

I expect my research code to start out in my sandbox repo and then be forked off into separate repos if and when the research idea reaches a more mature stage. Once the latter happens, I will update this page with links to the respective repositories.




Curly Hair

Implementing Pixar’s Curly Hair Algorithm



Houdini FX TD role in Group Project



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