I’m Pieterjan Bartels, otherwise known as PJ.

I’m a CGI Engineer/Researcher with a passion for Computer Graphics, Physical simulation and Problem Solving. I am currently working towards my PhD in the Computer Graphics Research Group at the University of Leuven, under the supervision of professor Philip Dutré.

I see the role of CGI Engineer as consisting of two sides: One part is researching and implementing cutting-edge algorithms. This means converting physical phenomena into algorithms that meet requirements regarding both visual quality and running time. My education as an engineer at the University of Leuven has given me a strong background in applied science and software development, allowing me to do this effectively. I spent three years working on production software at some of the best visual effects companies in the world to add to that academic background. Recently, I decided to go back into academia to pursue a PhD, where I can further develop my skills as a Computer Graphics Researcher.

The second part is turning those algorithms into usable and effective tools for artists. Creating and improving artist workflow is a skill I’ve developed through collaborating with artists working on high-end visual effects shots. I aim to leverage my industry experience and production knowledge during my PhD research, resulting in research that is not only technologically innovating but also has a practical use in production settings.

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