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Problem Solver and Software Engineer

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Some of the relevant work I've done so far.

Work in progress

What I'm currently working on

Lightslice for VRLs

Eurographics '15 publication

Position Based Dynamics

C++ physics library

Tearable Cloth

C++ cloth library

Machine-Learned Crowds

Python/Maya experiment

Global Illumination

Several projects

NCCA Group Project

Houdini FX TD

Houdini City Generator

Building a custom SOP network

Custom Ray Tracer

Java standalone application

Various projects

Including software design, computer vision and much more

Maya Animation

Learning keyframing basics

User Interface Design

Learning UI design methodology


Working and educational experience

  • R&D Software Engineer

    Double Negative VFX

    January 2017 - November 2018

    At Dneg I worked as a developer on the Houdini R&D team, which provides pipeline tools and support for the FX department. While there, I've worked on films as ’Wonder Woman’, ’Avengers: Infinity War’, and ’Pacific Rim: Uprising’.

  • Pipeline Engineer

    uMedia VFX & Finishing

    September 2016 - January 2017

    Short term contract as the sole developer in charge of creating a pipeline for the show ’I Kill Giants’.

  • Jnr. LookDev Researcher

    Weta Digital

    September 2015 - August 2016

    As a LookDev Researcher my job was to investigate and implement improvements to our current techniques for both shading and texturing (e.g. novel material models). Specifically, I performed research for ’the BFG’, ’War for the planet of the apes’, and ’Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’

  • MSc Computer Animation & vfx

    Graduated MSc with Distinction

    Bournemouth University

    Graduated August 2015

    This course built upon my programming and scripting skills and introduced me to the special techniques and tools associated with computer animation.

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Agfa Graphics

    August 2014, one month internship

    Rehired as an intern before leaving for England, to extend upon the work I did in 2013. Once again implemented several computer vision algorithms in C++ using OpenCV.

  • MSc in Engineering: Computer Science

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude

    Leuven University

    Graduated June 2014

    Masters degree in Engineering, with major in Computer Science. Building on the BSc, keeping its strong focus on problem solving skills and technical knowledge, but with a complete focus on computer science. Masters project was published as a short paper at Eurographics '15 and received a mark of 95 %

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Agfa Graphics

    July 2013, one month internship

    A month-long internship where I was responsible for all aspects (planning, design, implementation) of developing a custom computer vision application, using C++ and OpenCV.

  • C++ Programmer

    Robotics Research Group

    Leuven University

    July-August 2012

    Refactoring and adding functionality to the iTaSC task specification library for the Robotics Group of the University of Leuven, mostly in C++ and lua.

  • BSc in Engineering

    Graduated Cum Laude

    Leuven University

    Graduated June 2012

    Bachelor in Engineering, developed my problem solving skills and project management, and gave me a solid foundation in mathematics and physics. First half gave a foundation in all engineering disciplines, second half was focused on computer science, with a minor in business management.

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Who I am

Hi! I'm Pieterjan Bartels, a Software Engineer with a passion for Computer Graphics and physical simulation and a knack for problem solving. I am currently working as a software engineering consultant at Altran/ISY.

There are two sides to what I love doing: One part is researching and implementing cutting-edge CGI-algorithms. This means converting physical phenomena into algorithms that meet requirements regarding both visual quality and running time. My education as an engineer at the University of Leuven has given me a strong background in physics, mathematics, applied sciences, and software development, allowing me to do this effectively. The last two years I have added to my educational background by working on production software at some of the best visual effects companies in the world.

The second part is turning those algorithms into easy to use tools for artists. Improving artist (and developer) workflow is something I've grown used to, while collaborating with artists working on top-level visual effects shots. On top of the experience from work, I also experienced interacting with and improving artist workflow while studying at the well-known NCCA, part of Bournemouth University. In my current role, I am gaining more experience with developing User Interfaces on embedded devices.

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